Bill Maher comments on Howard Dean

Extract of Interview on "Larry King Live"
November 8, 2006


LARRY KING, HOST: Bill wanted to mention something, a guy who deserved some credit that he hasn't gotten, Howard Dean.

BILL MAHER, HOST, "REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER": Yes. We were just talking on the break about that, and you know, Howard Dean was the guy who said, 'run a 50 state campaign.' There was a big fight within the party about that. And he said, 'we can't do it the way we have been doing it with just the coasts and Chicago, basically. We have got to win, we've got to play in the whole country.' And he turned out to be right. He turned out to be right about a lot of things, you know.

I know he's an insane person, because he once spoke three octaves above the normal level of where we speak. So, of course, he's an insane, crazy man who can't run for president. But maybe they had the right guy to begin with.

He was certainly right about Saddam Hussein. Remember, he said capturing Saddam doesn't make us safer and they all jumped all over him like, 'please, how unpatriotic of you to say that'. Well, you know, 80 percent of our troops have been killed after we got Saddam. Now we're going to kill Saddam.

KING: He was opposed to it from the beginning, wasn't he?

MAHER: And he was opposed to it from the beginning.


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Original transcript from CNN.



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