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March 22, 2004

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Moderator: Welcome. We'll begin shortly.

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Jack: Welcome Doc!

Moderator: From jjem! - Name one thing the average person (with a job, family, etc.) can do to take our country back (other than vote for Kerry)?

Howard Dean: Volunteer in any campaign, other local or federal (Congress, Senate, or President).

Howard Dean: Even 3 hours a week is a big help.

Moderator: From Terry Mills - Will you work with John Kerry to help him develop a convincing, reasonable and affordable health reform package that can be understood by ordinary Americans?

Howard Dean: Sure. Actually John Kerry's health care plan is one of his strongest features as a candidate.

Howard Dean: I say that with some immodesty since it's essentially the same as ours.

Howard Dean: Kerry's health care plan will essentially cover all Americans at a reasonable cost, and it can easily be paid for by rolling back part of the President's obscene tax cuts.

Moderator: From Listener - What do you consider the top three concerns that bloggers need to be attentive to?

Howard Dean: Bloggers who can should consdier running for local offices.

Howard Dean: We'll help train you and you'll learn a lot even if you don't win the first time. And so will your constituents.

Howard Dean: This helps spread progressive values in districts where districts may not speak of them much.

Howard Dean: Secondly, if your circumstances don't allow you to take the time to run. Help someone else run.

candace in sonoma: Dr. Dean -- thank you for joining the March for Women's Lives!

Michael H: Just wanted to say thank you for invigorating the Dems.

Howard Dean: No, thank you for invigorating the Dems. It's not me they're paying attention to it's you.

Howard Dean: Keep pushing. Democracy takes a long time to fix.

sallyem: What can those of us who live in very progressive districts do, since almost everyone we see agrees with us?

Howard Dean: Send money, and be part of organized groups that go to other less progressive districts with visibility and getting out the vote.

Howard Dean: For example, California did a great job for us in New Mexico during the primary.

Howard Dean: And Vermonters were incredibly helpful in New Hampshire.

Howard Dean: And of course I don't want to leave out Texans who helped everywhere!

Moderator: Would you please write a weekly thread for us on the blog? You could let us know where you will be that week, or recommend a great book you've been reading, or share some thoughts you have about the election that week, etc.

Howard Dean: Now that I have a little more time I'd very much like to do that. If we do we'll probably start in May sometime.

GMJ4Dean: What is next for you and DFA?

Howard Dean: DFA 2.0 now has a full time Executive Director, Tom McMahon.

Howard Dean: He was with DFA 1.0.

{note on Tom McMahon from the blog:}

Not from the chat:

McMahon joined DFA 1.0 as a Deputy Campaign Manager in May 2003 (before Dean's announcement and before the money started rolling in, good sign).

Tom McMahon worked in the Clinton Administration between 1993-1999. He served as the Deputy Director of Advance in the White House, and as a public affairs specialist at the Department of Defense. A regional field director in Missouri for Clinton/Gore 1992, McMahon was also involved with the Clinton and Gore campaigns of 1996 and 2000.

Posted by Free Spirit at April 22, 2004 03:17 PM

Howard Dean: Lindsay Lewis is our new Finance Director who did our fundraising in New York state for DFA 1.0

Howard Dean: We are planning on doing candidate training in conjunction with 21st Century Democrats in Washington State and more around the country. And I'm looking forward to

Howard Dean: campaigning for candidates across the country especially in the South

Howard Dean: where national democrats have a low profile.

PatnCincy: In what way will you be personally involved in DFA 2.0?

Howard Dean: I will travel on behalf of candidates

Howard Dean: and help them raise money

Howard Dean: and help get out the vote efforts

Howard Dean: and of course continue speaking out about the outrageous policies

Howard Dean: of the Bush administration.

Howard Dean: And as I travel I plan to hold meetings with the grassroots community to hear what's on your minds .

Howard Dean: So far I have meet with or talked to by conference call

Howard Dean: grassroots folks in California, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Colorado,

Howard Dean: and many other places.

Phil from Iowa: Can you help with a way to co-ordinate state affliates without legal entanglements.?

Howard Dean: Stay tuned, we'll keep you informed. We hope to have answers to all of those questions in the next couple of weeks.

Fran in Austin: Governor, many people felt disenfranchised by the front-loaded primary system. Would you like to see changes in the way we select a nominee in 2008 and if so, what would they be?

Howard Dean: Probably, but right now I'm focusing on sending Bush home in 2004.

Howard Dean: Regarding Diebold, we'll post something on the blog later today.

Judy: Hi, Governor, are you coming to Washington State this summer? We are still Sleepless! We are identifying many new candidates at the local level!

Howard Dean: I just got off the phone with Pam Eakes. I hope to be out there to do some training for people who are running for office and field groups in conjunction with 21st Century Democrats.

barb in albq: Do you still see a way to stabilize Iraq and get out of there?

Howard Dean: Not under this president.

Howard Dean: Kerry is right we have to bring the United Nations in as soon as possible.

Howard Dean: If we just pull out Al Quada will take over or the place will dissolve in Chaos.

Hi, Inanna! It is really nice to just sort of hang out with the Gov for a half hour.

I just laughed b/c the Gov. mentioned "Chaos" (capitalized) and it reminded me of the bad guys from Get Smart. :-)

Posted by Maura in VA at April 22, 2004 03:18 PM

Howard Dean: That's dangerous for the United States.

Howard Dean: And incredibly unfair to the Iraqi people.

rich kolker: Governor, Any chance you'll be at the 21st C Dems training in DC in June?

Howard Dean: We'll look into it. We'll attend all the trainings we can.

Howard Dean: Regarding Isreal, this is a long standing and very antagonistic relationship.

Howard Dean: While America has always supported Isreal I disagree with Bushs change in the American position on the settlements, and I think

Howard Dean: in the long run it is less likely to lead to peace in the Middle East.

Howard Dean: I understand

Howard Dean: Isreals frustration with Arafat

Howard Dean: and I think pulling out of Gaza is the right thing to do.

Howard Dean: Isreal has a right to defend itself but Palestinians have a right to a homeland.

Free Spirit: When will Tom McMahon be available for a chat? :-)

Howard Dean: I hope to do this at least once a month. Maybe we can put him on after this.

Katie Thomsen: Do you have any advice for someone running in thier first election?

Howard Dean: Talk to someone who has run once so you have some idea of what's coming at you.

Howard Dean: Here are my suggestions

Howard Dean: 1) prepare yourself for 14 hour days while you're running.

Howard Dean: Two, surround yourself with hard working people who will help you win.

Howard Dean: This is always a team effort.

Howard Dean: The rest of the advice depends on what office you're running for.

Howard Dean: How much fundraising you have to do, etc.

Howard Dean: And finally, be respectful of the voters even if they disagree with you.

Howard Dean: Above all, never back off from the things you believe in.

jen4change: Is there a particular pundit or thinker you pay particular attention to? or read? Like say, Paul Krugman?

Howard Dean: Paul Krugman is about the only one left.

Howard Dean: I have a lot of concerns about the vast majority of people who write opinion columns, including reporters who think they aren't but are.

jen4change: Why do so many Americans vote against their own interests?

Howard Dean: The republicans have a knack for appealing to the worst in people and dividing them by race , gender, sexual orientation, income, and religion.

[Democracy for America]: Moderator has entered (12:28 pm)

Howard Dean: In the end though when people's economic status gets bad enough, and they see their children going without uplifting leadership emphasizing our common needs will overcome the divide and conquer strategy

Howard Dean: the republicans have used since 1968.

Howard Dean: This will be the last question.

[Democracy for America]: Moderator has entered (12:29 pm)

Howard Dean: The books I have read recently are Corporation Nation by Charles Denbar, and the best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast.

jen4change: What do you make of this stream of whistle blower books about the Bush administration?

[Democracy for America]: Moderator has entered (12:30 pm)

Howard Dean: It's about time somebody told the truth in the Bush Administration.

Howard Dean: There is one pattern in all these books - that people don't count and politics comes before people.

Howard Dean: The only way we can change this is to work together.

Howard Dean: Let's give him that one way bus ticket back to Crawford, Texas.

yes! I love the one-way bus ticket line! You just picture that devilish grin

Posted by Throoper at April 22, 2004 03:34 PM

Howard Dean: We'll do this again in a couple of weeks.

Howard Dean: We'll schedule Tom for next week.

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Howard Dean: Goodbye.

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