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August 31, 2003

From Governor Dean

The most extraordinary moment for me during the sleepless summer tour, out of alot of extraordinary moments was in Seattle. I looked out over at least 10,000 people, a thick crowd all the way back to the buildings, and for the first time in a long time, I was nervous, not because of the speech, but because I realized that I had a huge responsibility, not just because we might win, but because you are all counting on me. As you know, one of the lines in my stump speech is that you have the power to change this country not me. That is true. This is a movement to permanently change America, so we will never have to go through what is happening to us now again.

I really appreciate all the great work you did to turn out crowds over the sleepless summer tour. And I appreciate your coming too, and all the money you have raised.

The tour was great. We learned alot, including that the team could put on a tour like that, with all the complicated staging
and coordination.

We must have connected with 40,000 people on the tour. If we all keep it up, we will succeed.

Thanks for doing all that you do,
Howard Dean

Posted by Howard Dean at 01:40 PM
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