Transcript of Blog Video "Thank You" by Howard Dean

February 13, 2006

I want to say thank you to all the bloggers and the online activists who've made the first year of my chairmanship at the DNC really fun and enjoyable. Thanks for taking my back when I needed your help, too, with the inside the beltway folks. We've really made a lot of progress. We got folks paid for on the ground, paid for by the DNC, in every one of fifty states We picked up, for example, over the last few months 4 seats in Mississippi, won all four elections. 8 seats in New Hampshire, for the state houses. We're making some progress. First African-American Democrat in the Mayorship of Mobile, Alabama. So we are winning where we haven't been winning before, and we've gotta keep pushing on that really, really hard.

There's some things that I need you to do.

I need you, first of all, to keep doing exactly what you are doing. Speak out, say what you think, create democracy on the Web, and oppose the President's attacks on the American people by simply not telling the truth.

Secondly, we do need you to help with the Democracy Bonds project. One of the things that made the [Presidential] campaign so great was, that the only people that were my special interest were you, because we fueled the campaign by raising large amounts of money in very small donations. We're trying to do that at the DNC now. You go online at and get a Democracy Bond. Democracy Bond-- ten bucks, twenty bucks, thirty if you're doing great, a hundred if you're a fancy lawyer or doctor (smiles)... each month. Deduct it from your credit card. Gives us a steady stream of income that makes this party completely independent of any special interest.

So that's my next project. We've got the folks on the ground in all fifty states. Our aim by the end of this election cycle is to have precinct chairs in every single county in the entire country. And we're gonna do that, and we're gonna win in places like western Nebraska for the first time in a long time. But in order to do that, we need money, and we don't want to be beholden to anybody except for you. You've been great. You really are starting to change the Democratic Party. Soon we'll be starting to change the country.

Thanks very much.

--- End ---
Originally posted on The DNC blog (scroll down to the February 13 section).
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