Fight on All Fronts

Published: October 8, 2006

WE live in dangerous times that demand real leadership. The presidentís foreign policies have failed. Recent polls show that a plurality of Americans trust Democrats over Republicans to handle the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq, and two-thirds of Americans want a new direction for our country.

Democrats will answer this call by standing up for change with a unified agenda, including a defense policy thatís tough and smart. Thatís a policy for tracking down terrorists, providing our troops and agencies with the tools they need to stop future attacks and following the 9/11 commission recommendations to close the gaps in our security.

Democrats will stand up to Republican attempts to once again use fear to win elections in November. We will make sure voters know that a Democratic Congress will not rubber-stamp the administrationís policies, which put the agenda of the far right ahead of whatís good for America. We offer a new direction that will restore to Congress the competence, efficiency and fairness that Americans deserve.

ó HOWARD DEAN, chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

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Originally published in The New York Times.



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