Late Night with David Letterman-- extract

October 4, 2004

1) "Howard Dean takes the Stand":
(Dean sounds like he's on the verge of laughter throughout this part)

David Letterman: It's interesting to me, which office, which political background, which public service background, better prepares a person for the White House-- being a Senator, a Congressman, or being a Governor?

Howard Dean: Well, the egotist in me says of course it's being a governor, but that would not be a politic answer at this time, so I think a senator would make an excellent President of the United States ...

[Letterman and audience laugh, audience applauds]

Dean: Besides, the last President who was a Governor really screwed things up so maybe we need a Senator just this one time.

[More applause]

Letterman: But... But seriously, in terms of, I guess in terms of a Senator, you have somebody who understands Washington. In terms of a Governor, you have somebody who understands how to administrate and get things done. So, which would be better qualified?

Dean: Um, if you know something about policy, then, you know, I think governors are great. But the problem is... I think-- I mean, I don't mean this disrespectfully...

Letterman: Right.

Dean: ...but I don't think the President cares about policy. I think he's mostly interested in politics. Kerry knows policy, and we desperately need somebody who understands policy in the White House.

Letterman: Right.

But did you answer my question?


Dean: I don't know, did I?

Letterman: I don't know. I-- I'm tryin' to determine, forget the personalities involved...

[Audience laughter]

Letterman: ...which--

Dean: -- This is an election year, we're only 30 days away, right!? --

Letterman: -- which experience might give somebody the edge in the White House?

Dean: I-- you know, I think Governors historically have had an easier time of it--

Letterman: -- OK. That's all I wanted to hear.

[Audience laughter, then applause]

Letterman: Your witness!


2) On whether Iraq will become stable:

Dean: You know, it's very interesting, we won't know for sure whether Iraq is going to become a stable place or not. If it becomes a stable place, George Bush will have been right.

--- End ---



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