Blasts Bush For Signing Partial Birth Abortion Ban

Manchester, NH, November 6, 2003

MANCHESTER—Today Democratic presidential candidate Governor Howard Dean, M.D., sharply criticized the President's signing of the late term abortion ban into law:

“Today marks a dark day for American women, who are seeing their reproductive freedoms restricted by a President acting in concert with a right wing congress. As this controversy moves to the judicial system, we are reminded anew of the importance of electing a pro-choice president next year.

“As a physician, I am outraged that President Bush has decided that he is qualified to practice medicine. There is no such thing in the medical literature as “partial birth abortion.” But there are times when doctors are called upon to perform a late term abortion to save a woman's life or protect her health. Today President Bush made it a crime for a doctor to perform such medically necessary procedures when a woman's health is at stake.

“This law will chill the practice of medicine and endanger the health of countless women. Despite what politicians tell you, there is not an epidemic of third trimester abortions in this country. This kind of legislation serves the sole purpose of chipping away women's constitutionally protected reproductive rights with the ultimate goal of overturning Roe v. Wade.

“I support Planned Parenthood, the Center for Reproductive Rights and the National Abortion Federation in their efforts to overturn the ban on the grounds that it is overly broad and unconstitutional.”

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