President Bush: Stop Stonewalling 9/11 Commission

October 27, 2003

Governor Dean Calls on President Bush to Stop Stonewalling 9/11 Commission

DES MOINES—Democratic presidential candidate Governor Howard Dean, M.D. issued the following statement in response to reports that the bipartisan 9/11 commission could soon be forced to issue subpoenas to the White House and other executive branch agencies because of continuing delays by the Bush administration in providing documents and other evidence needed by the panel.

“I am very concerned by the President's foot dragging on cooperation with the bi-partisan 9/11 commission. We already know that President Bush received a written intelligence report in August 2001, the month before the attacks that Al Qaeda might try to hijack American passenger planes. The Administration's current stonewalling suggests that there is more that
they knew and want to hide from the American public.

“The work that this commission is performing is critical to our national security. We need to know what transpired before the tragedy of 9/11 in order to avoid future similar tragedies. If the bipartisan commission investigating the terrorist attacks says that it needs the documents the Administration is withholding, then the President has an obligation to the American people to turn them over immediately.

“An issue this important to our national security should trump whatever concerns about political embarrassment the Administration might have.”

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