General Robert Clark's Promotion

October 23, 2003

“I am greatly disturbed by the decision of the Senate Armed Services Committee this afternoon to move forward on the nomination of Major General Robert T. Clark to the rank of Lieutenant General. MG Clark's disastrous record as commander of Fort Campbell, KY, raises grave concerns about his fitness to serve in the 2nd highest position in the U.S. Army.

“Under Clark's command, Private First Class Barry Winchell was brutally murdered by two of his comrades while he slept in his barracks because he was perceived to be gay. In the aftermath of this tragedy, MG Clark failed to take the necessary steps to curb the virulent anti-gay atmosphere that has been widespread throughout his tenure at Fort Campbell. Sadly, he has not even met with the parents of PFC Winchell, a young man who was trusted to his command.

“This nomination is not about Democrats or Republicans. It is about leadership and the best interests of our sons and daughters in uniform. This is about a mother's slain son and it is about holding leaders accountable for their actions.

Today, I urge all my supporters to contact their Senators and ask them to vote against Major General Clark's confirmation when it comes before the full Senate.”

--- End ---



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