Dean Condemns President Bush's Economic Priorities

January 12, 2004

PELLA, IA-As the Iowa Legislature began its session today, Democratic presidential candidate Gov. Howard Dean, M.D., condemned the Bush administration's misplaced economic priorities.

The following are excerpts from the Governor's prepared remarks:

“This President's lavish tax breaks to the wealthiest and give-aways to corporate special interests, adds an average of $13,000 of debt for every man, woman and child...

“While the bottom 60% of Americans got a few hundred dollars in tax cuts, this was completely offset in Iowa, where property taxes were hiked the equivalent of $313 per household. To make matters worse, Iowans are paying roughly $850 more in college tuition and an average national increase of $276 in insurance premiums, while median household income in Iowa has dropped almost $900.

“Think about it: the Bush administration is giving you a few hundred dollars with one hand, while taking many hundreds more out of the other. That's not a tax cut - it's the Bush Tax, brought about by shifting the burden of paying for necessary services to state and local governments, which have nowhere to turn but to their taxpayers.

“But let's be clear about what the Bush administration is really doing in the long-term. As they saddle the country with unsustainable, massive deficits, how long will it be before they argue that the federal government can no longer keep its commitment to Social Security? To public education? To Medicare? They will argue that to sustain these programs, our only choice is to privatize them. And with that, the social contract between the people and their government that has endured for decades will be declared null and void.

“Standing up against the Bush deficits is the most important fight we can wage for Democratic principles. This President and our political system in Washington are working more and more for the wealthy and the corporate special interests. We must stop this radical course so that the government works for the people again, so that not only is the social contract preserved, it is revitalized to reflect modern society.

“And we will do this when the people reclaim their democracy by participating in the political process again. If 2 million Americans contribute $100 apiece, we can have a political system in which your interests are put above the special interests, and we can have an economy that works for all Americans.

“We can have a new social contract for working families that ensures health care for every American, better childcare options for working families, assistance to help students afford college, and real retirement security for our seniors.”

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