Statement on the Energy Apollo Project

Nashua, NH, January 14, 2004

NASHUA, NH-Democratic presidential candidate Governor Howard Dean, MD, today commented on the unveiling of the “New Apollo Project”:

“Developing a clean energy economy is vital for three reasons: it will enhance our security, it will reduce global warming, and it will create millions of jobs. The study released today confirms what should have already been obvious to the Bush administration. This administration's fealty to its corporate benefactors in the oil industry has caused our nation to fall behind in what will be one of the most important new industries of the twenty first century.

“If we take action now by investing in clean energy technologies like wind, solar and hydrogen, America can claim its rightful place as the world's leader in this burgeoning market. At the same time, we can create millions of high paying jobs, tens of thousands in Iowa alone. If we continue to hesitate, we will forfeit leadership in this critical industry, and all the jobs that go with it.”
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