Florida's "Everglades Forever Act" Endangered by Big Sugar

May 8, 2003

This is another example of the Bush brothers' rhetoric not matching reality. The Everglades are a national resource we must fight to protect. Just last year, President Bush said that 'the restoration of [the Everglades] ecosystem is a priority for my administration, as well as for Gov. Bush.

But now Jeb Bush and an army of lobbyists for Big Sugar have pushed legislation through the Florida House and Senate which would seriously threaten the viability of the Everglades and may dismantle the federal-state partnership that has begun the process of saving the Everglades. We must not allow the Everglades to be destroyed by politicians who kowtow to the interests of Big Sugar. Years of progress should not be undermined by hastily passed legislation. Jeb Bush still has the opportunity to reverse course and veto this bill. He should do so.

After becoming President, George W. Bush swiftly broke his own campaign promise to regulate carbon dioxide emissions which cause global warming. Now, his brother is also bowing to industry pressure. Apparently, environmentalism Bush-style only goes as far as the lobbyists will permit. We must do better.

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