Statement on Today's Decision by the Federal Communications Commission

June 2, 2003

Today's decision by the FCC delivers a crushing blow to the ideal of diversity in our nation's media, and threatens access to local news in many small towns and communities across America.

In Vermont, as in other states, we rely on local newspapers and local television and radio stations to alert us to weather hazards, broadcast local breaking news, and keep us informed on the important events in our communities. I am deeply concerned that when local media is no longer local -- as may be the case in many cities and towns as a result of today's action -- residents will be less informed, alerts may happen more slowly, and an entire community may be endangered by the lack of an effective communication tool in an emergency situation.

The Bush Administration should have blocked this deregulation; instead, they urged its passing, choosing to side with the interests of the few, rather than the millions of Americans who will be affected by it.

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