Support Dorgan's Reversal of FCC Rule Changes

September 15, 2003


Tuesday, the Senate will vote on Senator Byron Dorgan's proposal to reverse all four recent FCC rule changes. I urge the Senate to support Senator Dorgan's efforts.

Both the House and Senate have voted to move the cap on media ownership back to 35%. This is an important step but we need to go further. The same corporation, for example, should not be able to dominate all media in a market by owning both major TV stations and newspapers. Senator Dorgan, and hundreds of thousands of Americans, recognize this. That is why the Consumers Union and joined to deliver over 340,000 petitions in support of the Senator Dorgan's efforts to Senate and House offices.

This is an important issue for all Americans. An independent media is vital to our democracy and strong local media coverage is important to rural Americans. The FCC rule changes would endanger both of these concepts. President Bush has threatened a veto of this measure. The Senate and House should force him to decide which is more important: an independent media or his corporate contributors.

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