Praise For Work to Block FCC Rule Changes

September 5, 2003


The 3rd Circuit's ruling is a victory for all Americans, and yet another indication that Chairman Powell, the FCC and the Bush Administration went too far when they loosened rules on media ownership in June. A strong and independent media is critical to the health of our democracy. I believe when the 3rd circuit conducts its review it will agree with hundreds of thousands of Americans and leaders from both parties that the new rules should be reversed.

I hope that this delay will give Congress the time it needs to permanently reverse these rule changes. I applaud the Senate Appropriations Committee's action to restore the 35% cap on media ownership. This, though, does not go far enough. The Senate should follow Senator Byron Dorgan's lead and restore the ban on media cross-ownership as well. We need to reverse all of the FCC's rule changes, and we need to consider going even further than that by re-regulating media ownership.

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