Statement on Today's FEC Filing

October 15, 2003

DES MOINES—Governor Dean issued the following statement today regarding today's Dean for America Third Quarter FEC filing. The filing will reflect that the campaign raised $14.8 million in the third quarter from 168,000 Americans contributing an average of $73.69:

“Today's filing—the largest ever by a Democratic presidential campaign—is about more than simply donations given and cash spent. It is a report on the state of the American republic. It is a statement by a growing segment of American citizens that they no longer will accept the political status quo.

“This report documents an American citizenry that is awakening to reclaim their democracy and restore their republic; a citizenry that wants to take back their economy from corporate scandals and corporate executives who inflate their salaries while fleecing pension funds; a citizenry that fears its elected officials are bankrupting their children's future. The American people are frustrated that last October the Congress abdicated their Constitutional role of deciding the issue of war and peace. They feel betrayed by a Democratic Party establishment that rolled over and provided no opposition, no debate, to a mistaken war and continued attacks on our civil liberties.

“It shows a growing number of people who want to break the inertia in both our economy and politics, an inertia that only benefits established corporate interests and does nothing to solve our problems in healthcare, the environment, and job creation.

“The citizens in this report understand the fate of this country is in their hands. Only they have the power to exact change in their country. By getting involved, they have chosen to take on the responsibility of citizenship. Nearly half-a-million Americans have joined our campaign to take our country back from a politics of cynicism and an economy that works for too few, and nearly a quarter million have contributed what they can to help us build the greatest grassroots campaign presidential politics has ever seen. The stunning collective effect of their individual action is documented in today's report for all to see.

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