House GOP Leaders' Action Marks New Low

Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Scheduling a vote on school vouchers to take place at the exact hour of the Democratic Presidential debate sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus marks a new low for the Republican Party.

It is outrageous that Tom Delay would schedule a vote of such critical importance to the children and the public school system of the District of Columbia knowing full well that two House members running for President as well as the members of the Congressional Black Caucus were scheduled to be out of town for a presidential debate.

This is just another example of the divisive, underhanded tactics that have become the signature trademark of the Republican-controlled House. Whether in their attempts to reverse freely held elections as in California or to grab power through unprecedented redistricting in Texas, the right wing of the Republican party continues to demonstrate what low regard they have for the democratic process.

Beyond my outrage at their tactics, I am deeply opposed to the result of this vote which would impose a voucher system on a local school district. I strongly oppose voucher programs which divert taxpayer money to private schools and weaken our public school system.

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