Remarks by Howard Dean and Tom Harkin

Carroll, Iowa, Thursday, January 15, 2004

DR. DEAN: (Joking on approach to the microphone.) Where are the advance guys when you need them? Don't-careful.

SEN. HARKIN (?): There we go.

MR. : You're a doctor.

DR. DEAN: (Laughs.) A chiropractor is what you need. (Laughter.) Let me-there you go.

Thank you, Ambassador Moseley Braun. What an extraordinary, classy person Carol Moseley Braun was. (Cheers, applause.)

And I'm going to miss you at those debates stepping in and defending me from those outrageous things that people say. I'll be really-Carol Moseley Braun is right about one thing that she said. She's been right about a lot of things.

But the thing that she said is the most important thing she just said, is that you can only change America if you put yourself on the line, put yourself out there. And because of what you have done in this campaign, I very much hope the day when we will have a woman president or a president who is an African-American step up and take the oath one January 20th and thank you for what you have done -- (cheers applause).

And I want to thank my good friend Tom Harkin. He is the greatest. He is a real fighter. We're going to talk a lot about special interests in a minute, and there is only -- (chuckles) -- one person in the United States Senate, when you say special interests, he sees a red flag and tears it right down. And I thank you for standing up to try to kill the ridiculous overtime rules that President Bush tried to do, is take away all the overtime from people who are working. (Applause.) I thank you for standing up to corporate-corporations that want to take over the family farm and trying to stop vertical integration of the agriculture. I thank you for standing up for people with disabilities. I thank you for standing up for kids who need special education. I thank you for standing up for organized labor. I thank you for standing up, Tom Harkin, for ordinary Iowans every single day that you were in the United States Senate. (Applause.)

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