Governor Howard Dean Lauds Health Registry, Urges Care for First Responders

Tuesday September 9, 2003


As the anniversary of September 11 approaches it is important that we take care of the first responders and volunteers who put themselves at risk to help save others almost two years ago.

Many of these heroes are now suffering adverse health effects because they were not advised of the need to wear protective equipment. I wholeheartedly support the City of New York's Health Registry that will track the health of those affected by 9/11 fallout. I think we have a duty, however, to work with state and city officials to find ways to ensure that those first responders whose health may continue to suffer into the future receive needed care.

We also owe those living in the area proper testing of their building interiors, to ensure that we are not allowing them to live and work in spaces that may still be contaminated with the residue of the catastrophe. Should results deem it necessary, a proper cleanup should be undertaken.

New York's first responders, and the regular citizens who sacrificed to save others, deserve our recognition and our support. As this anniversary approaches, let us ensure that they have it both in spirit and in substance.

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