On Homeland Security

Manchester, NH, October 31, 2003

“Today's news further confirms that the Bush administration's security policy is a deepening failure. Invading Iraq has not made us more secure, in fact, it has made us less secure. In addition to emboldening terrorists, this administration's focus on Iraq has diverted attention away from crucial security needs here at home.

“Today, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Bush administration's own emergency preparedness agency feels 'America may not be much better prepared to deal with a big terrorist attack than it was before 9/11.'

“I am very concerned by FEMA's findings, and I am furious with this administration's inattention to American safety. President Bush claims his administration has made security its number one priority, yet their own agency concedes that more than two years after the tragedy of September 11, they have failed to make us more secure.

“Meanwhile, Congress continues to give this President blank checks for his failed security policy. Congress is currently in the process of signing off on an $87 billion check to Halliburton and other corporate contributors to the Bush campaign.

“Making America safer means focusing resources on stabilizing Iraq, getting our troops home safely, and shoring up our security here at home. It is the duty of the Bush administration and Congress to make sure that the money they're spending on security is actually making America safer. Right now, Washington politicians are failing the American public.”


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