Who's Telling the Truth?

September 17, 2003

“I've not seen any indication that would lead me to believe that I could say that,” Donald Rumsfeld said in response to a question about a poll which indicated that nearly 70% of respondents believed Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the 9/11 attacks. Associated Press, 9/17/03

“No, I think it's not surprising that people make that connection.”—Vice President Dick Cheney in response to a similar question two days earlier on Meet the Press. (9/14/03)

Statement by Governor Dean on Bush Administration's Opinion of Iraq link to Al-Qaeda

“Who is telling the truth? Our casualties and costs are rising every day, while our reputation and relationships abroad sink further into disrepair. So it is shocking that the Secretary of Defense and the Vice President still cannot agree whether there was a relationship between Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein and whether or not that was a reason we went to war.

“It is time for this administration to be honest with the American people. Seventy percent of them believe the Iraqi leader was personally involved, and we know—as Secretary Rumsfeld admitted yesterday—that that's not true.

“Yet Vice President Cheney, with the chance to set the record straight on national television, took a pass on telling the American people the truth, still choosing to imply that such a connection could exist.

“This administration has misled the country from the very beginning on its reasons for the war, the costs of the war, and its plans for the peace. It is time for the truth.”


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