The Latest Job Loss Numbers

Portsmouth, NH, January 09, 2004

PORTSMOUTH, NH-Democratic presidential candidate Governor Howard Dean, M.D., commented on the December unemployment figures released this morning:

“Under Bill Clinton, nearly one thousand jobs were created every three hours for eight straight years. Under George Bush, it took the entire month of December to create 1,000 jobs. What further proof do we need that George Bush's economic policies are a failure for working Americans?

“An economic policy built on reckless deficits and irresponsible tax cuts has brought two consecutive years of job loss for the first time in over half a century. A half million Americans have lost their well-paying manufacturing jobs in the last year alone.

“It is time for George Bush to acknowledge that offering tax breaks to corporate special interests and the wealthy and imposing the 'Bush Tax' on working Americans is not the way to help the millions of workers and families hurt by his economy.”

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