Statement on Paul O'Neill Investigation'

Burlington, VT, January 14, 2004

BURLINGTON-In response to news that the White House has opened an investigation into Paul O'Neill, Democratic presidential candidate Governor Howard Dean, M.D. said:

“It only took one day for the Bush White House to retaliate against Paul O'Neill with a politically-motivated investigation-and all he did was tell the truth about George Bush's rush to war in Iraq.

“Meanwhile, 184 days since Robert Novak blew the cover of a CIA operative based on a leak by a White House aide, the White House has yet to identify the guilty party.

“Why doesn't the President call his staff into the Oval Office one-by-one, and ask them if they disclosed Valerie Plame's identity?

“Paul O'Neill is not a threat to our national security.

“But the disclosure of the identity of an undercover CIA operative undermines a key tenet of national security and is a violation of law.”

--- End ---



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