Response to President Bush's Press Speech

October 9, 2003

“Never have we had a president in this country whose rhetoric was so far removed from his record. This administration is determined to cling to its right-wing, ideological theories despite what the facts are. It clings to its theory of supply-side economics, despite the fact that virtually every aspect of our economy has suffered severe setbacks. It clings to its theory that Saddam Hussein was an imminent threat to the United States despite the President's own admission that there was no credible link between Saddam and 9/11.

“I believe that facts matter to the American people and that they will draw the same conclusions I have: this administration is not concerned with the struggles, hopes and dreams of ordinary Americans. Its loyalty is to its special interest contributors and to an extreme ideology that wants to dissolve the social contract between them and their government.

“The truth is:

“Over three million Americans have lost their jobs.

“Nearly two million more Americans entered poverty last year.

“44 million Americans - one in seven - lack health insurance.

“No weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq.

“184 Americans have been killed since the president declared the war in Iraq over.

“The fact is that this President has given us a stagnant economy at home and a quagmire abroad without any end in sight.

“The fact is that the only Americans who have been asked to sacrifice for the war on terror and the war against Iraq are the brave young soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines on the ground. This president refuses to ask his wealthy contributors to make any sacrifice at all - instead seeking to reward them with more tax cuts.

“Most incredibly, he continues to claim that he is not passing the burden on to future generations when he is saddling Americans with an unconscionable debt burden. This administration's policies - including its reckless tax cuts - will add nine trillion dollars to the national debt.

“Americans expect and deserve change from the politics of the past that has gotten America so badly off track. That is why nearly half a million Americans have joined our campaign to take this country back and to restore our democracy, our economy, our freedoms, and our moral standing in the world. If millions more stand with us, we can begin to change America for the better.”

--- End ---



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