On President Bush's UN Speech

September 23, 2003

“Nearly six months into the war in Iraq, President Bush once again missed the opportunity to get our Iraq policy on track. Instead, he continues to fail to take the steps necessary to restore American credibility and earn the trust and cooperation of our key allies.

“Today, at the United Nations, the President argued again that we were right to go to war, though the world continues to believe - as they did before it began - that the war was unjustified. The President's continued insistence that the invasion of Iraq was integral to the war on terror only increases the skepticism greeting our current proposals for increased international involvement.

“We face a situation in which Americans increasingly doubt this mission, the lives of our sons and daughters continue to be at risk, and $87 billion could be diverted from urgent domestic priorities unless the President and the Republicans agree to take it out of their misguided tax cuts. The need for international assistance only grows.

“Yet with this Administration unwilling to cede any authority in the mission to our allies, why do we believe they would contribute to what they see as a failing operation, when we will not give them any means to correct its failings?

“Today's speech was another example of George Bush's petulant foreign policy. We run the risk that the result will be a UN Security Council Resolution that does nothing—no new desperately needed troops, no meaningful financial contributions—and that we Americans will continue to shoulder the burdens of this war alone. A little humility—promised by this President but never delivered—could go a long way.”


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