Statement on Overtime Pay

Nashua, NH, January 23, 2004

“Standing alongside working women and men across America, I am outraged that Congress has approved the Bush Administration's scheme to cut overtime pay for millions of American workers.

“Last year the Bush Administration tried to make as many as eight million skilled workers such as nurses and secretaries-ineligible for time-and-a-half overtime pay. Worse, the Labor Department also provided employers with advice on how to avoid giving overtime to workers who are eligible.

“This rule is an insult to the millions of hard-working families who rely on overtime pay to make ends meet.

“Some Democrats in Congress, especially Senator Tom Harkin, have fought hard to block this provision. But the Administration won this latest round by sneaking it in through the backdoor in an overall spending bill, and leading Washington Democrats failed to stop it. Business as usual in Washington is not working for working Americans. We need a new Administration that has the strength and determination to stand up for American workers and against special interests. We need an Administration that is effective and can deliver for our families.”

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