on Today's Poverty Figures

Washington, DC, September 26, 2003

“Today the Census Bureau reported that poverty in America has risen for a second straight year. There are now 34.6 million Americans living in poverty--1.7 million more than last year. This is another sign of the Bush administration's disastrous record of failed economic policies.

“Poverty has risen and incomes have fallen each year of the Bush administration. While sending millions in tax cuts to people like Ken Lay, he has utterly failed the American people, who are worse off now than they were two years ago—they are paying more in property taxes and earning less in wages. And now with more people in poverty, there are fewer government resources available to them because of President Bush's reckless tax cuts and service cuts.

“Instead of working to create shared prosperity for all, this administration and the right-wing ideologues that surround it continue to pursue a narrow agenda designed to help their friends, while leaving the rest of America behind.

“As president, you need to get two things right: the economy and foreign policy. President Bush has done neither. It's time for us to give George Bush a one-way bus trip back to Crawford, Texas.”


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