We Can Handle the Truth

Cincinnati, OH, July 17, 2003

Mr. President, the time for evasiveness, secrecy, contradictory statements and ducking responsibility is over. As a candidate, you repeatedly pledged to bring honor and integrity to the White House. It's time you fulfilled that pledge by telling the American people the truth.

We learned today that a White House official insisted upon inclusion of the discredited Niger uranium evidence in your speech against the recommendation of the CIA. As I said last week, that person knows who he or she is and so does George Tenet and now, so do the members of the Senate Intelligence Committee. That person should resign immediately.
George Tenet has accepted responsibility for this egregious act and must bear the consequences. But Mr. President: it is your Administration and it is your obligation to demand answers and actions. That process should begin with Director Tenet telling you who on your staff made that decision; but the process must not end there.

It is now abundantly clear that beyond the Niger uranium example lies an unacceptable pattern of distorted intelligence manipulated to serve your political ends. Once you had settled on a predetermined result war with Iraq your Administration selectively used questionable intelligence while ignoring, burying or rejecting any evidence that undercut your single-minded march to war.

It is an outrage that the Republicans in the Senate are in lock-step with this Administration in keeping the facts from the American public and the world, and I regret that the search for truth is coming now, nine months after Congress gave the President blank check authority to go to war.

This is unacceptable. But now that we are here, it is your duty, Mr. President, to give the American people the answers they deserve.


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