Where Are the Jobs George Bush Promised?

Burlington, VT, October 3, 2003

” New employment figures released today confirm that the latest Bush tax cuts have failed to live up to President Bush's promises. In February, President Bush predicted the economy would create 5.5 million new jobs in 2003 and 2004 if the 2003 tax cut were passed. Not one of them has materialized.

”By this time in his presidency, President Clinton had created over 7.5 million private sector jobs. In contrast, President Bush has lost over 3.2 million jobs in his 33 months in office.

”The Bush Administration tax cuts have not provided the short-term stimulus the economy needed. Instead, the Bush tax cuts have rewarded the President's wealthy contributors at the expense of the economy, and furthered an extreme, ideological agenda that aims to destroy Social Security, Medicare and public education.”


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