Why People Don't Vote

Columbia, SC, May 3, 2003

[excerpt from ABC News Debate on Dean's BLOG: http://deancalltoaction.blogspot.com]

We can't win this election if we worry so much about electability that the American people can't tell the difference between us and the Republicans.

The great unspoken political lie, which comes from stages like this, is elect me and I'll solve all of your problems.

The great unspoken truth is that the future of this country rests in your hands, not mine.

You have the power to rise up and take this country back. You have the power to give this party the backbone to challenge this President, and all of the harm he has done to our country. You have the power to create jobs, balance the budget, and bring us our dream, which Harry Truman put in our platform in 1948 health care for every American.

The reason people don't vote in this country is that we don't give them a reason to vote. This campaign is about giving all of you a reason to vote.

Abraham Lincoln said, "A government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth." President Bush has forgotten the ordinary people of this country.

It's time to take our party back and it's time to take our country back.

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