Statement on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

August 29, 2006

Katrina and its tragic aftermath serve as a painful reminder that too many of our fellow Americans live and struggle in poverty. As we mark this anniversary, we should remember the words of Dr. Martin Luther King and others who spoke on the Mall in Washington some 43 years ago calling on each one of us as individuals and our nation to honor our obligation to one another as part of the American community. As Dr. King so eloquently stated, ‘we cannot walk alone.’

Our message to the people of the Gulf Coast is that we have not and we will not forget you. We will work hard to ensure the Gulf Coast has the resources needed to rebuild its communities, and that the people of the Gulf Coast have the resources to rebuild their lives.

Too many Americans live in poverty, and too many Americans in the Gulf Coast are awaiting the help and resources needed to rebuild their lives. Despite the President’s rhetoric that he would work to eliminate poverty and other social and economic injustices highlighted in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, President Bush has abandoned the same programs he touted just one year ago. We have a long way to go in ensuring the dream that Dr. King spoke of some 43 years ago, and Republicans’ misplaced priorities are not getting us closer to making that dream a reality. We need a new direction on the Gulf Coast. We call on President Bush to honor his promise to fight poverty and restore the confidence of the American people in their government.

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Originally from The DNC.



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