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January 15, 2004

GUESTS: Ann Richards, Howard Dean

BYLINE: Larry King

Tonight, Ann Richards, the sassy former governor of Texas, is here to give us a piece of her mind on President Bush, on the Democratic White House hopefuls, on fighting alcoholism and osteoporosis and a lot more.

KING: Is this Governor Dean?

GOV. HOWARD DEAN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE (via telephone): Yes, this is.

RICHARDS: Oh, Howard, my God! Where are you?

DEAN: I'm in just outside Sheraton Island, a big bus called People Powered Howard.

RICHARDS: Listen, get out of that bus and quit talking to me and go talk to somebody that can vote for you.

DEAN: We're going to be doing that in about five minutes. Ann, I first wanted to thank you for your generous endorsement.

RICHARDS: You bet.

DEAN: Secondly, I want to tell that lady from Somerset, Kentucky, that we're going to get healthcare for her just like we did for everybody in Vermont. And thirdly, I want to say I really appreciate your advice. I'm going to come to you for some of that media training, because I agree I need some, too.

RICHARDS: Listen, Howard, keep smiling.

DEAN: You are the best.

KING: Governor, she says she's coming to New Hampshire this weekend. Are you expecting her?

DEAN: Isn't she great? I won't be there. I'll be out in Iowa, but I really appreciate Governor Richards going up. Because she is a real draw. We admired her enormously when she was Governor of Texas and we were in the National Governor's Association together.

And I really appreciate her outspokenness. And she knows better than anybody, the only way to beat George Bush is to stand up and say what you believe, and we're going to do that together.

KING: Do your private polls tell you it's very close in Iowa as it reported today.

DEAN: It's very close. It's essentially a four-way tie and it's going to come down to whoever has the best organization.

RICHARDS: You go get 'em, Howard.

KING: You're agreeing it's a four-way tie?

DEAN: I think it is. I think it's a four-the polls don't mean much at this point, because there's a whole bunch of high school kids that can go to the caucuses for us, because we have a ton of people out there.

We can't tell who is going to win. All we can do now is work our you know what's off to get the vote out, and that's what we are going to do.

This is about taking power back from the special interests and giving it to ordinary Americans, ordinary Iowans, ordinary Texans. By the way, Ann Richards, you sure have a lot of friends down in Texas, because I've been down there and we got one of the biggest rallies we've ever had when we went down in San Antonio and Austin.

RICHARDS: That's good. I'm glad to hear that. You get off the bus and get to work, Howard.

DEAN: Yes, I will. Yes, ma'am.

RICHARDS: Give them hell.

KING: Thank you, Howard.

DEAN: Thank you.

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