Crocuta's ~.GIF and ~.JPG Lectures

This, as any fool can plainly see, is a GIF with a transparent background. So how the heck do you make it have a transparent background? Here's how in Paint Shop Pro 4.0:
1) Be sure the part you want to be transparent is all one color, and that this color is the background color (same as the 'back' little rectangle of the two on the right side of your PSP workspace.) Also, be sure the image is the size you want it on the web page. Even though the background is invisible, it still takes up space on a web page-- you could end up with a lot of vacant space around it.
2) Click File/Save As/, choose Type 'GIF', and choose the Options button on the lower right corner. One of your options is to 'Set the Transparency Value To the Background Color'. Pick this, then Save up in the main Save window.
3) Now your GIF has a transparent background, and when you put it in your web page the background pattern or color will show through.

(Unfortunately, later versions of Paint Shop Pro, such as 6.0, do not have this capability!)

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