The 14,000 Facial Expressions of Howard Dean

For an "angry guy", he can be really cheery:

At a rally in Seattle

Yay team!

Little does she know...

The good one-liner will get him going every time

Must have been something somebody said


Dean occasionally engages in exercises in hand-eye coordination...

Flipping a pancake at Storm Lake, Iowa

Catching the fish at
Seattle's Pike Place Market

...When he's not slamming down a shotglass of maple syrup-- neat

Happy to sit and chat

Not so happy when doing a dorky campaign ad

Dean gets into his speechifyin' with the best of them:

The topic is Iraq

Caught in mid-thought

At Georgetown

"But watch this!"


Sometimes he just looks really, reeally serious.

At Storm Lake Iowa


This guy can change expressions in seconds:

At Young Democrats

At the March For Women's Lives

At the March For Women's Lives moments later


Web-Surfer Dude:

Blogging. Hey, does this picture look familiar?

Doing a web-chat


Talking... listening...

... and sometimes what he hears surprises him.


He can be really mischievous.

Tricky devil!

Just pasted somebody with a snowball

Just, I mean *just*, show me
any other politician who would
hop onto the back of a passing
truck "for a little ride".


He seems to take comfort in being surrounded by a crowd of supporters:

Look how calm and contented he looks in these pics.


There is no comfort for the targets of his ire:

Revving up his engines

Well, somebody's gettin' flambasted here

Another flame-broiled right-winger on the menu tonight

Dive for the bunkers! He's firing for effect!!


Sometimes Dean messes with hardware.

That sure is a nice Kammerer guitar

Stick It To The... er... Tree


An introduction to Dean is always happy and invigorating:

Well, OK, no boa constrictor hug for you, ma'am

How about just the whole world?

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