Howard Dean-iabilia

What Howard Dean Stands For - in 30 Seconds
The Dean Dossier - his record as Governor
The Scream Heard Round The World. There's some other fun, nonscream audio there too.
Diane Sawyer Revisits The Dean Scream - "Oops we overdid it"
A Selection of Dean Sites
Speeches, Interviews, Debates (transcripts)
Other Miscellaneous Dean Items

Audio and Videos

The Sacramento Speech (audio), video - This pretty much started it all
Thank You, Howard Dean Flash video from A good summary of what he is like and what he stands for.
Dean Wisconsin Video - Sampler of Dean speeches, gives a flavor for the guy
We Call Ourselves: Americans
Dean On Letterman's Top Ten - Atoning For the Scream... er, why?
I Support Dean-This Is My Flag
Max On Dean - Max's take on Democratic Party politics is hilarious.
We Have The Power (Stand Up for America) (Faulkner Remix)
The Soft Scream (Dean in Wisconsin)
Dean's San Francisco Speech, March 18, 2004 (39 MB MP3), originally provided by
The TruthAndHope Vermont TV ad that put Dean over the top in that state
   (same as "what Howard Dean Stands For" above)

A Smattering of Dean Sites

Wikipedia entry on Howard Dean

Shadow BFA-- a Dean blog by and for Deaniacs. Has transcripts, links... and all the old stalwarts are here.


Democracy For America, the PAC that Howard Dean founded...

This used to be the blog for DFA, but now it has gone off in its own direction. It's about healthy living, now, and Howard Dean apparently posts to it verrrrrrrry occasionally... or is it his brother Jim?

Howard Dean's onetime home, the Democratic National Committee.

Selected Speeches, Interviews, and Letters

February 21, 2003- Speech to the DNC Winter Meeting- "What I Want to Know..."
March 15, 2003-     Speech at Sacramento- "What I Want to Know..."
June 23, 2003-        Dean's Letter to the MoveOn "Virtual Primary"
June 23, 2003-        Dean Announces His Campaign for President
July 14, 2003-         Speech at Annual National Council of La Raza
September 23, 2003- "Democracy, Freedom, Action" at Boston's Copley Square
November 5, 2003- Remarks at Cooper Union, New York
November 5, 2003- Dean's Comments on his 'Confederate flag' remarks
December 1, 2003- Hardball with Chris Matthews
January 22, 2004-   The Diane Sawyer Interview
January 26, 2004-   Hardball with Chris Matthews (with Dr. Judy Steinberg Dean)
January 26, 2004-   Interview with Wolf Blitzer (with Dr. Judy Steinberg Dean)
February 3, 2004-   "What I Still Want To Know" - in Seattle
February 16, 2004- "The America I Want To Take Back"
February 18, 2004- Howard Dean Announces the End of his 2004 Campaign
February 18, 2004- "A Beginning, Not An End" - Letter from Howard Dean
March 2, 2004-       "Thank You, Vermont"- on winning the Vermont Presidential
March 6, 2004-       The Gridiron Speech- plus Q & A
March 18, 2004-     Rollout announcement for Democracy For America, Seattle
    (there were three presentations-- in Seattle, San Francisco, and New York City.)
March 18, 2004-     Rollout announcement for Democracy For America,
    San Francisco
March 29, 2004-     Kimmy Cash's Story and Howard Dean's reply
April 12, 2004-       "For Ralph Nader, But Not For President"- Editorial in
    The New York Times
May 19, 2004-        On Hannity & Colmes... with RealAudio clip also
June 11, 2004-        The AP Interview
July 9, 2004-           Dean/Nader Debate on NPR's "Justice Talking"
February 12, 2005- The DNC Winter Meeting

More Speeches, Interviews, Debates, Letters etc

Various Things

Howard Dean's lost brother Charlie
An Early History of the Dean Campaign, article written November 2003
Dean's mood on February 19, the day after withdrawing from the Presidential race
Common Sense For A New Century, a pamphlet by Dean
Queensugar's Ode To the Bloggers
The 16th of March- another poem
The 14,000 Facial Expressions of Howard Dean
Breaking all the rules on kissing babies
Build your own Howard Dean standee.
A large picture of Howard Dean

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