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an ode to bloggers, and to righteous anger

5 February, 2004

if you are aware
what has been stolen from you
(land, love and liberty);

if you are aware
of teeth bared at midnight
of silken-shrouded allegiances and of misdirection;

if you are aware
of flesh torn and bodies broken
in the name to which you were born;

never let the sirens howl
so loud you cannot face them,
never let the demons play
so viciously you can't beat them

because the future faith in better things
now rests upon your fire.

(godspeed now, and take your country back.)


my reply,

In this, the Valley Forge of our discontent,
We strive mightily to stanch the bleeding out
Of the life's-blood of our nation
No summer soldiers here;

Since our genesis hidden deep in the grassroots
To now, when all eyes are upon us,
Our struggle has been the same.
Not just to "take America back"--
But to save her outright.

Armchair patriots and chaise lounge generals
Did not bring this country into the world
And they will not save us now.
Let us, the small, the many, the mighty-in-numbers
Cross our Delaware
Keep our eyes on the prize
Never lose sight of our goal
Never give in, never give in, never give in.

For no one is going to do it for us,
We have to do it,
We have to stand up for change
.... And We Will.



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