The Scream Heard Round The World

(I think Cheney is fixin' to have that final heart attack right here.)
Anyway, I'm sure you all heard about the speech Howard Dean gave on Iowa Caucus night, after coming in third (somewhat unexpectedly, the pundits had him leading), in which he got kinda loud and boisterous (although still cheerful, you gotta give him that) and wound up giving a very good impression of a WWF fan who has just seen an exceptionally good pin.

Frankly, if you haven't heard about it yet, you not only have slain your TV, but you are living in a cave. I have slain my TV, but I still go to work during the week so I saw it on my breakroom TV. 6 or 7 times. According to Howard Dean's unofficial count (as noted to CNN's Wolf Blitzer), they ran it "673 times in a week."

But if you absolutely, positively missed it (and if so, how are you on the Internet, anyway?????) here it is:

The Scream Clip
(sound only)


But like all matters which appear on TV, and most especially the political ones, there is more than what is served up to the eye. No exception here. Take a look at some footage of the same event, taken by a person in the audience.

The Whole Speech

Scream? What scream? Yes, it's there... watch the clip again. You have to listen carefully to catch it, though, it's a lot quieter/drowned out by the crowd noise, and he gets hidden behind a pom pom just when he utters it so you can't see the fist-pump either.

Yes, it's basically a pep rally. The coach cheering up his team.

Buuuut... you so seldom see a politician with any sort of life to them, let alone this much life. Can you see Joe DobermanLieberman doing something like that? Kerry?? (HAH!) Dubya? Well, maybe Dubya-- but Karl Rove would have a litter of kittens and take George out behind the woodshed.

So that leaves us with Dean. And oh, what lovely fodder for the late-night comics, the cartoonists, and on and on... and, in the digital age of the Internet, for the Dean Scream Mixes.

Yeah, you heard right. On at least one site that I know of,, (mirrored by, they posted mixes of Dean's scream and other Dean vocalizations, made by industrious little sound-heads all over the world. Having gone to cozdemir and browsed through all the offerings, I came away with some favorites. Alas, the original sites are now down-- so these are the survivors.

Here are my faves, arranged in the order of a playlist. I think this is a very nice Dean Scream Playlist, if I do say so myself.

Yeahhhh - Howard Dean
The Dean Scream (CNN Edit) - Wolf Blitzer & The Spinning Heads
Dean Kombat - The Proletariat Network
Howard Dean Unchained- Matt Burns
Dean's Headstrong - Pacdude
Dean Reloaded - Fel432 & M.Y
Carmina Bur-Dean-a (Evil Dean) - The Love Doctors
Dean Scream Hypnodub - Artificial Humanity
We Call Ourselves... Americans - Wolf Zellner
We Have The Power (Stand Up for America) (Faulkner Remix)
Real American (Dean Mix)
World's Greatest Dean - DT
Dean's Living In America - Brain Bell
Dean Feels Good - Tomato Observer
Rapping It Up For Dean - Zach Freeman and Jonathan Stokes
Pick yourself up off the floor! Quit rollin' around!
You turkey...
Wait, it gets better:
That's Not A Scream, Boy! THIS Is A Scream!! - Steve Ballmer and the Microsofts

Pillsbury Doughboy Meltdown! (yeeeek)

Credits where credits are due!
Footage of the whole Dean speech:
The rest of the sound/video files:, yes, even Steve Ballmer.
The cartoon: The Orange County Register

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