Thank You, Vermont

On winning the Vermont primary, March 2, 2004

I want to thank the great people of Vermont tonight who overwhelmingly endorsed our campaign for change. This win means so much to me. Two years ago, I entered this race to talk about health care, children, and to demand change and leadership in our Party. This Party and this country still needs change, and tonight you have helped further that process.

While I ran for president I often said that America would be a better place if it was more like Vermont. I still firmly believe that to be true: We still need health care for all children, affordable prescription drugs for seniors, and equal rights for all Americans.

Throughout this campaign, I have appreciated the strong support from the people of Vermont. Our campaign owes a huge debt to the hundreds of Vermonters who worked at our headquarters--answering phones, stuffing mailings, and responding to emails-- as well as to all of those who canvassed on our behalf in New Hampshire and elsewhere. I will never forget the work and the heart that you put into our campaign. Thank you.

I look forward to continuing the energy and the campaign for change that our movement began. We will be announcing more details of that effort on March 18th.

Gov. Howard Dean M.D



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