Oh, For God's Sake Crocuta!!!

Get a Y2 Clue!!

For the past year now, we have heard all the hype about Y2K, The Millenium Bug, The Big 2-0-0-0. We have been regaled with tales of armageddon. We have been urged to buy water (and air???) and stockpile food and generators. Our intrepid news hounds have hunted for the slightest trace of disaster everywhere they can. We have purchased fuzzy stuffed "Y2K Bugs" and downloaded the "fixes" for the "real" ones. (Meanwhile, the world's nerds had had all these hyper fits 4 years ago and were in the final stages of Y2K-bugfixing by the time the news media 'discovered' the issue.)

When the big day finally came, nothing broke-- but we had a lot of cool fireworks. It was kind of fun to watch Tom Brokaw cry, too.

But that is not the most signal, the most notable, the most unique thing about this year, this special date of Anno 2000. No, it's this:

This will be the only year for the next 1000 years in which people can write 3 '0's on their checks.

Think about it.

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