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Well, my Cable Modem provider, Roadrunner, was kind enough to provide me with 5Mb of space for a web page, so I put up this site. And promptly outgrew the 5 Mb (thank you, Star Wars picture collection!) so I moved the whole shebang here. It will take me a while to outgrow this!
... YES that was a long time ago....

Sultry In Stripes
How can you tell a politician is lying? His lips move!
Crocuta's Collection of Political Produce

Silent Black Hummingbirds

The Truth Is Out There

Snarling Germans
Doll Clothes???
Ordinarily, the only use I have for dolls is as mulch. Much less would I be caught dead making clothes for them. Buuuut... my friend presented me with her, um, doll; and a bag of leather scraps, and an offer I couldn't refuse... here's what happened (Lot of images)
Yalla Belly Yuppie
Red Beans N Rice
We Love Dit Da Jao!

Shop For Chickens!

The Largest Banks in the U.S., Listed

Where To Find Szechuan Peppers in San Diego

Giant Screaming Fly?!?

The Savage Tasty Lupini Bean

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