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Items of Interest
   Banking & Financial
   US Citizenship, How Someone Can Lose ~
   Courts and Policing
   Foreign and International
   Immigration, General
   Immigration-- Who Can Come Into US
   Immigration-- Who Can't Come Into US
   Immigration-- Deportation & Detention
   Military, War, WMD
   National Infrastructure
   Personal / Privacy:
     Cable Subscriber Privacy
     Confidential Commercial Info
     Consumers' Credit Reports
     Education Records, Confidentiality
     Fair Credit Reporting Act, Sects 625 & 626
     Freedom Of Information Act
     Info on Japanese Empire & Crimes
     Info on Nazi War Crimes & Criminals
     Privacy Act
     Disclosure of SSN
     Right To Financial Privacy Act, Sect. 1114

   President / Executive Branch / U.S. Gov't
   Terrorists/ ism

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