Sehnsucht Lyrics -English Translation

(originally from "a hellish Rammstein site", a Geocities page which is alas no more -- thanks , Hellion)

the Hellion:
"Here you can find Rammstein's lyrics in english. I'm too lazy to make any translations myself, (says the Hellion) so I've found these from other sites on the web. Some of 'em might suck, but anyways...just click the song you want to view the lyrics to. Songs marked with "*" are singles where you can find more info about releasedates, included tracks and so on..."

"I checked all these against my German dictionary so the translations should be reasonably solid. I put the Deutsch right next to them (love those CD liners!!) so you can compare. However I am not a native speaker of German so I might have made a mistake or three. "

Crocuta's Summary:
"This is Gothic music, and not just because they are Germans, either. Its themes are classical Goth-- moody, creepy, oftentimes bloody. The blood and murder, however, are described elliptically-- Rammstein trace around the horror with metaphors and dark hints. Those who are sensitive to themes of murder, masturbation, or violent sex should not listen to this album-- at least, not while knowing what the lyrics mean.

The music itself is a rich variety of sophisticated rock instrumentals. German is a language which lends itself especially well to snarling, and Rammstein take full advantage of this fact. Their lead singer betrays the fact that it is an artifice, however, on several bars when he sings in high, clear, wistful bell-like tones. As far as sonic quality goes, this album is among the better ones."



Bestrafe mich
*Du hast
Bück dich
Spiel mit mir
Alter Mann
Küss mich [Fellfrosch]

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